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Always increasing requirements in the event- and filmindustry require a high level of know-how in handling with measurment test equipment, power generation and power-network-security

We look closely in order to guarantee the highest safety standards. We work with our participants on the world's newest devices. In our academy the participants are trained in an extremely practical way and confronted with real situations. Quick solutions to problems, as well as the safe handling of current standards, systems and security requirements will be communicated to the participants. In collaboration with the leading companies in the European high-tech industry, the training content is constantly being developed and updated.

Certified Security „Made in Germany“
Visions with a system.

Instruction according to DIN VDE 1000-10 for the qualification of your specialists

The selection and determination of your test personnel is part of the organizational commitment of the electrical engineering business unit.

Please specify in your personnel files the allocation of:

In general, create an organizational chart for technical and non-technical operations in your company.

In the case you have a visit from the professional association or trade supervisory office, you are ideally placed with the presentation of this organization.

Academy trainings according to laws, regulations, guidelines and recommendations