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Industrial & Commercial Services


Advice, planning, implementation according to relevant regulations, recruitment of specialists, assessment, appointment


Power grid security systems: Advice, planning, implementation according to recognised regulations.
Mobile backup power systems & generators according to the latest emissions laws: Advice, planning and production, individually tailored to the custome's requirements
Green energy, mobile hybrid energy storage systems


Executives: Laws, regulations and planning relevant to operation of a business.
Electrician Update: Changes in latest regulations and standards
EFKffT: Electrician for specified activities
EuP: Electrically instructed person
VDE 0701 - 0702 DGUV regulation 3: Testing of mobile electrical equipment
VDE 0100 Part 600: System inspection before commissioning
VDE 0105-1: Recurring inspection of electrical systems
VDE 0105-1 / DGUV Regulation 3: Periodic testing of generators, emergency power systems
EN 60204-1 / VDE 0113-1: Testing of electrical machines
EN 61439-1 / VDE 0660-600-1: Testing of electrical systems and switchgear combinations

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