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The constantly evolving requirements for electrical safety in live events, film and television production requires advanced knowledge of testing and inspection, power generation and electrical safety.

We work with our participants using the latest test equipment and are instructed to the highest safety standards. In our academy, participants receive hands-on training in real-world situations. We teach how to design and build a safe electrical system to the latest standards and regulations, as well as fast problem-solving solutions. Working together with the leading companies in the European high-tech industries, our training content is being developed and updated.

Certified Safety, Made in Germany. Systems with vision.

Training for your specialists

The selection and determination of your electrical personnel is also the responsibility of the electrical engineering department.

In your personnel files, please determine the allocation of:

  • Senior Person Responsible (SPR)
  • Skilled Person
  • Competent Person
  • Instructed person

Create a general organisational chart for technical and non-technical processes in your company.

In the event that you have a visit from a professional association or the trade inspectorate, you are in an excellent position with the template from this organisation.

Academy training provided according to the laws, regulations, guidelines and recommendations

  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
  • EU - European Parliament and Council
  • EN - European Standard
  • DKE - German Commission for Electrical Engineering
  • VDE - Association for Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology
  • TRBS - Technical Rules for Operational Safety
  • BGI – trade association regulations

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